With CloudMatic, EASY SmartHome GmbH provides a solution for secure remote access and further control options to the smart home, for example for the eQ-3 Homematic system or the smartha home control base. How secure the combination of encrypted cloud communication and control via VPN tunnel works is discussed in the following test report.

Update: In 2022, the CloudMatic solution including the Smartha app has also successfully passed the certification process! The report has been updated in the relevant places.

Online communication

CloudMatic implements secure remote access to the Homematic CCU via a combination of secure cloud access via mobile app and a VPN tunnel between the Homematic CCU and the cloud. Accordingly, these two aspects were closely inspected in our test. Other smart home systems, such as Philips Hue, can also be connected, but in the current test, we used an eQ-3 Homematic CCU2.

To enable a connection via remote access, for example via the Smartha app (Android, iOS) or the web browser, the VPN profile must first be installed as an add-on on the Homematic CCU. This then establishes a connection to CloudMatic and thus enables access by the app.

Both the communication of the mobile app and the base itself were effectively encrypted at all times and secured against the most common attack scenarios. For the establishment of the VPN connection from the Homematic CCU, no obvious vulnerabilities were identified in the test either.


Both the Android and iOS apps (version 2.7.7) do not have any obvious, serious vulnerabilities. The implemented protection concepts work effectively and secure the communication accordingly well. There is still room for improvement in some smaller points, but we are in contact with the manufacturer here.


The privacy statements of CloudMatic and the Smartha app provide very comprehensive information about all important, privacy-relevant topics in connection with the solution. We are pleased with the good cooperation with the provider and are committed to increasing transparency even further in the future.


The CloudMatic solution provides a secure way to manage and control smart home systems, such as eQ3 Homematic or smartha home control base, via remote access. The chosen combination of mobile application and VPN connection offers not only advantages for user-friendliness, but also a high level of protection in terms of security. Accordingly, the CloudMatic solution including Smartha app receives the AV-TEST certificate “Approved Smart Home Product”.