Digital teaching has become immensely important in the pandemic. Devices like the Prowise touchscreens are designed to not only give teaching staff the flexibility they need, but can also to let students take part from home in real time and provide them with the materials they need. Commissioned by Prowise, we took a closer look at the touchscreens and apps in our recertification test.

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Prowise offers its devices in screen sizes up to 98 inch, so it should have the right format for many conference or classroom environments. In addition to 4K-IPS displays, the devices feature a touchscreen (40-point multi-touch) as well as pen support. Additionally, a 2.1 sound bar as well as the Prowise MOVE camera and 6 microphones depending on the model are installed – so nothing should stand in the way of online conferences and homeschooling. The operating system is based on a very well isolated Android 9 with its own App-Store, but a Windows 10/11 PC can also be installed.


In our test, we first took a closer look at the Prowise apps available on Android and iOS:

All apps were examined using static and dynamic analysis. No notable vulnerabilities were revealed in the process. During our tests, all apps always communicated in encrypted form and only had the necessary permissions required for operation.

Prowise Presenter 10

Due to the Android system on which the device is based, it was also tested whether it could be compromised by downloading and installing apps from foreign sources, for example. However, this is effectively prevented, not least by the fact that the basic system is very well sealed off by the Prowise user interface.

Online communication

The Prowise Touchscreen Ten (firmware version 1.0.31) and the Prowise apps always communicated TLS1.2-encrypted during the test. No obvious vulnerabilities were detected. The scan of the device itself also did not reveal any information about possible weak points.


Both the device and the apps were also examined in detail in terms of privacy. Since the last year’s certification test, the permissions needed by the applications were reduced. Also, trackers were removed from the apps. Prowise displays a short version of the privacy policy prominently on their website. Together with the privacy policy itself, the user is well-informed about all relevant topics. We are pleased that even with an already privacy-friendly product, Prowise remains committed to further increasing transparency and collecting only the data that is absolutely necessary.


The Prowise Touchscreens showed themselves from their best side during our recertification test and delivered a solid performance in all areas. After extensive testing, we gladly award the AV-TEST certificate “Approved Smart Home Product” for another year.