The AV-TEST Institute has been awarding its certificate to IoT devices since 2015, and it has always carried the label “Approved Smart Home Product”. In the following years, a large number of tested and certified devices followed, of which more and more could only rarely be classified in the “Smart Home” category – the multiple times certified Smart Screen from Prowise is just one example from the near past. In order to become fairer to these products now and to exclude no products and manufacturers in the future, we adjust our certificate label with a small but fine change: The lettering “Approved Smart Home Product” will now change to “Approved IoT Product”.

The only important thing is that the quality of the tests or the validity of the certificates already issued will not change. The seal still stands for fully comprehensive, detailed tests that are designed for practical attack scenarios and are carried out by qualified personnel, largely in time-consuming manual work and tailored to the product in question. A brand new factsheet on our IoT certification is now also available here.